How do they write software at Microsoft: a PM intern’s perspective

Posted in News by FilipeFreitas on the July 16th, 2007

The VisualBasic team at Microsoft has posted an interesting article about programming an application, from the perspective of a project manager. They talk about the lifecyle of the application, which starts with an analysis of the requirements, then the planning, where the project roadmap is built and the important milestones that the project will hit are identified.

Project management involves the oversight of several teams, each with its own task and pace, where all people must agree on the specification of the project, which can be troubling. So how do they manage to build something?

They talk about 4 steps:

1. Do your homework

2. Talk to the people

3. Make everyone happy

4. Keep the specification up to date

Project management is really about the people and not the software.

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