How to leave an audience in awe with your presentation

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Have you seen the MacWorld 2007 Steve Jobs Keynote? No? Then download it (1.2Gb worth of presentation skill).



This presentation was so great that it is considered one of iPhone’s main factors of success. He literally sold an iPhone to public by making everyone wanting one. That’s what a great presentation is. Steve Jobs even made a prank call to Starbucks.

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You’ll always see him wearing some shirt and his old sneakers, yet Steve Jobs has been known as an excelent speaker. I dare you to find recent photos where he wears a suit.

So, how does one get mad presentations skills like Steve Jobs? With a lot of work. There are hundreds of tips for presentations but the key ones for a successful presentations are the following: build tension, a lot of practice and enthusiam.

BusinessWeek analized the MacWorld presentation (and Fortifyservices counter analized BusinessWeeks article) and dissected it into the following keys:

1. Build Tension
2. Stick to One Theme Per Slide
3. Add Pizzazz to Your Delivery
4. Practise
5. Be Honest and Show Enthusiasm

That’s exactly what Jobs did. He build up the tension by talking about Apple’s past ‘revolutions’, the slides were extremely simple (yet beautiful), and talked about everything with great enthusiam. The slides were perfectly synchronized with what he was talking about, which shows great care and practice for the presentation.

BusinessWeek also has another great but more detailed article about Steve Jobs presentation techniques. A few quotes:

Steve Jobs does not sell bits of metal; he sells an experience. Instead of focusing on mind-numbing statistics, as most technologists tend to do, Jobs sells the benefit.

It’s not unusual for Jobs to prepare for four hours as he reviews every slide and demonstration.

There are very few bullet points in a Jobs presentation. Each slide is highly visual. If he’s discussing the new chip inside a computer, a slide in the background will show a colorful image of the chip itself alongside the product. That’s it. Simple and visual.
Jobs has an infectious enthusiasm. When launching the video iPod, Jobs said, “It’s the best music player we’ve made,” “It has a gorgeous screen,” “The color is fantastic,” and “The video quality is amazing.”

So, how can YOU achieve great presentations? Presentationzen has a great article with simple tips:

Presentations are conversations

What has always made Steve Jobs such a great presenter is that he seems relaxed and informal in tone and style (yet gracious), as if he were having a conversation with a group of friends at home in the backyard. There are no magic tricks to his success nor is his effective style the result of years of dramatic study. Yes, his slides are simple and stunning, and his speaking synchs perfectly with the visuals.

Let your personality shine through

When you talk with your friends about something of deep, mutual interest, do you speak to a deck of bullet points on a slide? Do you pace slowly, cautiously…boringly through your dialog? While I never offer panaceas, one thing that will help is if you approach the delivery (though not the preparation, of course) the same way you do a conversation with friends.

Sounds pretty simple. With some work it is. It’s normal for you to be nervous the first times, but if you rehearsal and prepare your presentation, you’ll more confident and things will go a lot smoother.

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